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Video of the week #2

For the second video, Flo hangs in Stockholm's castle with a bunch of french people! Annoying the guards became national sport! A short update about how to buy the videos on go-with-flo. For example Prague 4min = 2€, 8min = 4€

Vidéo de la semaine ISSUE#2 26-07-2010
envoyé par flomotionprod. - Découvrez de nouvelles destinations en vidéo.

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Video of the week #1

The video of the week shows a bit of reality stolen in Flo's life, in whichever country he is hanging at the moment!

Vidéo d'la s'maine ISSUE#1 - 19/09/2010
envoyé par flomotionprod. - Evadez-vous en vidéo.

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