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Low-cost tourist guide for Stockholm city!

Hi everyone! Here comes my new stuff, a Low-cost tourist guide to visit Stockholm!

I decided that proper tourist guides were too expensive and kinda boring, talking out loud what's written in your history books! So from now on I can show you the real side of Stockholm for a couple of bucks!

Thank you scandi-voyage for the homepage, you can check out my tours here (ok it's all in French! but some of ya know that I speak a bit of english too!):

Stockholm with Flo

Share it with everyone! it's gonna be an awesome summer, so don't miss out!

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Pillow Fight Day: Stockholm! on

This is the video of da week #11! All in English. FLO gets inside the crazy ass 2011 Stockholm's pillow fight! 1000 people subscribed on the Facebook page, at least 500 showed up!

Video of da week ISSUE#11 STOCKHOLM PILLOW FIGHT... by flomotionprod

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