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La Tour 13 : The Voice

What exactly is Street Art ? Pure vandalism ? Some fancy Art movement ? Or just a reflexion of a whole generation attracted by the street culture. Street art might be the most popular one, since anybody can give it a try, and anybody has access to it

La Tour TREIZE, is a project created by la Galerie Itinerrance as they decided to get that old building in Paris before its destruction by the state. The bulding is then invested and squatted by 80 Street Artists from all around the world during 6 month. It is now open for people to visit for free, the whole month, before they actually put it down.

I heard so much about it that I went and visited la Tour 13 on the 17th of october. A couple of hours queuing, and I end up alone in the 9 storeys building, Well, not so alone. Street Art, not Street Art ? the 36 flats are definitely bombed.

La Voix de la Tour TREIZE par flomotionprod

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