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Go With Flo - Learn Bulgarian Trailer

I met Lubomir in the beginning of 2013 in a french ABM - Travel Film Festival. He was representing Bulgaria through his travel company : Odysseia-in.com

When he asked me if I was shooting the next #GoWithFlo episode in Bulgaria, I already had a couple of other destinations planned ! I didn't know much about Bulgaria, but I DO have a BIG interest for Eastern European countries. So I asked him a little bit more.

Soon, we really clicked. He needed a dude with fresh ideas to shoot a sport video in Sofia / Bulgaria. What would Bulgaria look like through the eyes of a skateboarder, a mountain biker or a paraglider ?

The purpose for HIM ? To promote his company, they organize bike tours in the mountains all around Bulgaria and want to show the country as a "Sport and Cultural destination"

The purpose for BULGARIA : To apply for "Sofia, capital of Culture 2019", and to improve their reputation as an Eastern European destination.


Check the two videos I created "Learn Bulgarian Lesson 1 and 2" and tell me if you still see Bulgaria the same way !


Learn Bulgarian - Trailer par flomotionprod

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