DVD Oz ta vie

Welcome to the DVD store!

When you buy a DVD, you help financing the go-with-flo project and can therefore expect more projects coming up

Beware English Speakers: The DVDs for sale here are only available in French for now! English versions should come during this year. But you can still buy the original version if you feel like it!

The "OZ ta vie" DVD (oz up your life!) is Flo's biggest project so far. A 52min Documentary about student life in Australia. A lot of road trips, fun interviews and off the hook Bonuses!

Go-with-flo to Europe is a DVD containing the whole bunch of videos you can find on the internet, Prague, Stockholm, Nantes, Edinburgh, Berlin, all the "videos of the week" and the trailer for "OZ ta vie"

How to Order ?

- OZ ta vie: 17€

- go-with-flo to Europe: 12€

*Shipping fees are already included, no matter where you stand!

- Send money via paypal to mosca_florian and send your address!

- The DVD will be sent as soon as the payment is received.

I will send you a DVD again if you fail to receive it the first time.

Email me at: florian.mosca@gmal.com for more infos!

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