What if the grass was actually greener on the other side??

go-with-flo is a new travel show concept: "One spot in 4 minutes"

In 4 minutes you'll figure out if you want to set foot in Barcelona, Sydney or wherever!

Hop-on a couch with couchsurfing, get on a low cost flight, keep in touch with facebook! Now everyone can travel and meet a friend anywhere on the globe.

"I believe more and more young people and students are going to get out there and travel the world, to live their dreams, go for a holiday, or just go for a drink over the week end!"

There is no documentary on TV that can describe the feeling of a place, and internet is full of junk videos! It's time for a change, a new generation of travellers is on, it's all about meeting people and life experiences!

Sit down, click on a red dot, and just go-with-flo!

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