Go With Flo - Learn Bulgarian Lesson 2

Exploring and Contemplation. This is a more "Cultural" approach to Sofia and the surrounds of Sofia. Through the different Bulgarian quotes, check Alexander Nevsky's Cathedral, walk through the city of Plovdiv, Stop over the Mosque of Djumaya, the Orthodox Church of the mother of God, the church of Saint Constantine and Helena, ride the Mount Vitosha, drop by the monasteries and go out in Sofia ! Please enjoy Kottarashky's music, one of the most amazing artist from the Balcans.

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Go With Flo - Learn Bulgarian Lesson 1

All New on the Eastern Front. Travelling to Bulgaria is like travelling in time. Toward the past ? I'm not sure actually. If you can still meet some old Trabbies around sofia (Symbol of the eastern Block), Bulgaria has moved forward a lot since the end of the Soviet empire.

In the streets, old buildings from different cultures, skateboarders and free Wifi ! Past - Present - Future. It is hard for me to share my passion for eastern countries, moving forward, opening to other countries, creating opportunities.

What didn't I expect ? The mountains and Mediterranean culture. Bulgaria is pretty far south, and when I talk "eastern Europe", you may not imagine "outdoor sports", mountain biking and skateboarding. The Balkans and the mount Vitosha (a step from Sofia) are the open playground to bulgarian youth. Mediteranean ? What to eat ? An "almost" ceasar salad, fresh fruits and veggies, what to drink? a good old bulgarian yogurt !

My mission was to meet a couple of riders to practice with them, what I found was a bunch of new friends, in the same kind of ambiance I grew up in, in the French Alps. French, Bulgarian, we may sometimes look at each other like we come from an other planet, but in the end, we both live in one end of the Alps.

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Go With Flo - Learn Bulgarian Trailer

I met Lubomir in the beginning of 2013 in a french ABM - Travel Film Festival. He was representing Bulgaria through his travel company :

When he asked me if I was shooting the next #GoWithFlo episode in Bulgaria, I already had a couple of other destinations planned ! I didn't know much about Bulgaria, but I DO have a BIG interest for Eastern European countries. So I asked him a little bit more.

Soon, we really clicked. He needed a dude with fresh ideas to shoot a sport video in Sofia / Bulgaria. What would Bulgaria look like through the eyes of a skateboarder, a mountain biker or a paraglider ?

The purpose for HIM ? To promote his company, they organize bike tours in the mountains all around Bulgaria and want to show the country as a "Sport and Cultural destination"

The purpose for BULGARIA : To apply for "Sofia, capital of Culture 2019", and to improve their reputation as an Eastern European destination.


Check the two videos I created "Learn Bulgarian Lesson 1 and 2" and tell me if you still see Bulgaria the same way !


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La Tour 13 : The Voice

What exactly is Street Art ? Pure vandalism ? Some fancy Art movement ? Or just a reflexion of a whole generation attracted by the street culture. Street art might be the most popular one, since anybody can give it a try, and anybody has access to it

La Tour TREIZE, is a project created by la Galerie Itinerrance as they decided to get that old building in Paris before its destruction by the state. The bulding is then invested and squatted by 80 Street Artists from all around the world during 6 month. It is now open for people to visit for free, the whole month, before they actually put it down.

I heard so much about it that I went and visited la Tour 13 on the 17th of october. A couple of hours queuing, and I end up alone in the 9 storeys building, Well, not so alone. Street Art, not Street Art ? the 36 flats are definitely bombed.

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L'article #EsclaveDesCaraibes en interview radio "ALLO la planète"

Voici l'explication de l'article #EsclaveDesCaraibes en direct sur le mouv' "ALLO la planète du 17-09-2013

#EsclaveDesCaraïbes - Allo La Planète 17-09-2013 par flomotionprod

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