OZ ta vie 2/13 - SYDNEY

Speaking english for a french man ? kind of a pain. Driving on the left hand side ? damn ! Flo brings you out in Sydney City, largest city of Australia. Learn more about the Australian beach culture, from the city center to Bondi and Manly beach.  People go around in ferry boats, under Harbour Bridge, by Opera house. This was Florian's first contact with Sydney.

OZ TA VIE 2/13 SYDNEY (ENGLISH) par flomotionprod

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Oz ta vie 1/13 - INTRO

In the first part of OZ ta vie, we meet Flo and understand how he decided to leave the french Alpes behind at the age of 19 and reach the city of Sydney. What came through his mind ? how did he manage ? and who's that Simon, coming all the way from Sydney to the french Alpes, to meet Florian and help him making his dream come true.

OZ TA VIE 1/13 INTRO (ENGLISH) par flomotionprod

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Prague (Czech Republic)

Where does the best beer in the world come from? Prague! Capitale town of Central Europe! A town of history...Right, like anywhere in Europe! But it's also a booming city, with gorgeous girls, absinth and plenty of clubs... Flo tried everything for you! Check it out!

go-with-flo to Prague! Full Version by flomotionprod

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OZ ta vie (Trailer)

go-with-flo to OZtralia! The movie "OZ ta vie" (OZ up your life) was released in November 2010, French Version only. English version to come in 2011.

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Nantes (France)

Grab a city bike and go for a ride with flo under the pooring rain! Guess what? we're near Britain! But we're still in France! We're going through the LU biscuit factory, the castle of the Dukes of Britain and one high class restaurant: La Cigale!

go-with-flo to Nantes!
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