Where is Flo ?

Paris / France

Creating Traveling Videos. Such as "Generation Working Holiday Visa" :

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  1. Elodie says:

    Salut Flo,
    Je t'ai entendu sur Allô la Planète aujourd'hui, depuis les brumes de la fin de nuit (décalage horaire oblige).
    J'aime bien ta Flosophie :)
    Bonne chance pour ton projet de courts films sur différentes villes.
    Et peut-être qu'on se croisera, qui sait!
    Amitiés New Yorkaises

    • flo says:

      Salut !! merci c'est cool ! suis moi sur facebook si tu veux discuter ! ya une page go-with-flo.net !

      • Zak says:

        Hi Flo, awesome job man. But I'd like to suggest you a NEW WORLD ADVENTURE: you did it in Australia, Europe, America (Royal Caribbean), it's time for AFRICA man, yeah for AFRICA, so if you are ready, here I let you my contact, so send me first an email as soon as possible:

        Zakariae BEN AYAD
        Street 85, N°12 Emsalla 90003
        Tangier - Kingdom of Morocco
        Cellphone: +212.626.291.298
        Landline : +212.539.330.380
        email : benayadzakariae@hotmail.fr

        • flo says:

          If you have a good deal for me and I could make a film about it, maybe I could come to africa ! never been ! only in Egypt !

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